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When a wild animal wanders onto your property, its presence can be a threat to you and your family or your customers. Without a strong knowledge of critters and their habits, little can be done to remove them. Attempting to remove an uninvited swamp or forest creature without the proper tools and training can put you and your guests in danger. Trust our passionate professionals with wildlife removal in Saint Petersburg, FL & Tampa Bay Area

At Animal Eviction Services, we specialize in getting critters out of your home in the most humane and efficient way possible. We permanently seal all entry points and then we will either trap, or use one-way doors to remove the unwanted guests. Using one-way doors that allow animals to leave, but not re-enter is the most effective way to get animals such as squirrels, possums and raccoons out of an attic or crawlspace. These doors allow the animals to leave on their own and they are not displaced from their territory.

Animal Eviction Services is also a manufacturer of professional traps and one-way doors. We supply to other wildlife removal professionals around the country with these products, so you can be sure there is nobody else that has the knowledge or experience that you get when using us to solve your wildlife problems.

No Contracts Needed for Our Wildlife Removal Services

You didn’t get a say as to when your home or business would be intruded upon by an unwanted guest. However, you do have a say in when it leaves. When it comes to the health and safety of your family or guests, you deserve to work with the best animal removal experts available. That’s why we’re proud to offer our wildlife removal services with no contracts needed.

We work day and night to handle all kinds of invasive creatures. You can rest assured that we provide you with exceptional service. Look to our professionals when you need, caring, humane wildlife removal.

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Prevent Re-entry with guaranteed entry point sealing

While removing the nuisance animal is important, what’s equally as important is ensuring that they don’t return. To prevent them from reentering your structure, our experts carefully secure every area where active and potential points of entry currently exist. Using animal-proof materials such as vinyl coated aluminum sheetmetal, concrete, stucco and galvanized hardware cloth, we securely fasten our prevention materials to any compromised areas to prevent new wildlife from breaking through. 

All of our wildlife removal services are performed taking your unique needs into account. Reach out to one of our qualified technicians about your wildlife problem. With 24/7 service available, our experts are always on standby ready to work for you. Let us provide you with a long-term exclusion strategy that keeps any unwanted creatures at bay.

Contact us today for tried-and-true humane wildlife removal. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde, and Dunedin, Florida.

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