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Entry Point Sealing Service in Saint Petersburg, FL & Tampa Bay Area

Ridding your home of a persistent pest problem can only be done by first sealing all entry points. Trapping can be ineffective, and even counterproductive if the entry points are not first addressed.

Trapping alone will actually attract more rodents. Both the smell of the bait and the odor of dead rodents in snap traps will attract more rodents into the home. At Animal Eviction Services, we will not trap without first addressing all entry points. We do not like the idea of charging our customers money for something that won’t work.

Before Entry Point Repair in Clearwater, FL After Entry Point Repair in Clearwater, FL

Protect Your Home or Business with Entry Point Sealing (Exclusion)

You might be surprised at the vast array of places where pests and unwanted intruders can make their way into your home, restaurant, or business. Some small animals require an opening the thickness of a credit card. Once they make their way in, it becomes a challenge to evict them. Stop critters and creatures from forcing their way with protective entry point repair. As the most important part of our wildlife removal plans, our experts will seal any entry points in your structure to keep unwanted vermin and other animals out.

We start with a thorough inspection of the entire home, finding all active and potential entry points. We will then seal all of these areas using the highest quality materials, such as vinyl coated aluminum, concrete, stucco, and galvanized metal vent screen. We also custom build many of our soffit vents and ground vents as well as our crawlspace doors, with PVC framing and high-grade metal venting material. We custom build our own because there are no pre-made vents that meet our high standards.

We do NOT use foam or steel wool. These are NOT an acceptable form of entry point sealing, ever.

Each home and its features are unique. This is why we offer free inspections to provide you with an accurate quote. When you request our home sealing services, we provide your property with our undivided attention and the utmost respect. We do our best to make all of our work blend with your home.

Before Entry Point Repair in Clearwater, FL After Entry Point Repair in Clearwater, FL After Entry Point Repair in Clearwater, FL

Wildlife Remvoal Experts Offering

Wild animals, especially those in enclosed spaces, can cause a lot of damage to your home. When bats, raccoonssquirrels or an opossum take residence in your attic, removing the animal can be the least of your concerns. Urine and feces left by a nesting rodent can create a number of health risks for your occupants.

If wildlife has run roughshod on your home’s insulation and the space as a whole, you’ll need to replace the insulation. Our restoration experts are committed to restoring your comfort with a fully sanitized living space. Once your attic has been cleaned and treated, our attic restoration team outfits your space with new insulation, leaving no sign of an infestation. Allow us to thoroughly treat every nook and cranny in your space and ensure that absolutely nothing is left behind.

Contact our specialists to keep your home safe from animal infestation. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde, and Dunedin, Florida.