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Bat Removal in Saint Petersburg, FL & Tampa Bay Area

While bats are great to have around, they should not be in your soffits or attic and pose serious health risks. Bats consume a large number of insects, each evening. Some of these insects, such as mosquitoes, are unwanted disease carriers. In this respect, bats can be a valuable ally. They are also a protected species in FL, and great care must be taken to remove them properly and legally. Unfortunately, when bats and humans have to share a living space, this partnership is marred by a number of health and safety hazards. For this reason, bat removal is not a job for a bug company or a handyman, but rather a licensed, professional wildlife removal company who specializes in proper removal and exclusion.

Bat Removal Service in Clearwater, FL

Prevent Health Issues with our Bat Removal Service

Animal Eviction Services, LLC specializes in safely evicting unwanted animals from your property. When it comes to bat removal, we focus on first sealing all possible entry points that are inactive. We then install one way bat cones over the active entry points. These cones allow the bats to fly out freely, but they cannot re-enter, and since we sealed all other points of entry first, they will not be able to sneak back in through another nearby entry. This permanently removes the bats from your residence without physically disturbing the bats, and leaving them in their own habitat. With over 15 years of experience, you can count on our trained animal removal experts to manage your pest problem and ensure both your safety and the safety of the bats.

Trust Our Qualified Professionals with Your Bat Removal Needs

When you request our experts, we first provide a free inspection. We will then permanently seal all entry points, then safely remove any existing bats using one way bat cones. Afterwards, we thoroughly decontaminate your area with an anti-microbial fog treatment.

Contact our specialists to capture and relocate squirrels running through your attic. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde, and Dunedin, Florida.