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Rodent Removal in Saint Petersburg, FL & Tampa Bay Area

Seeing a mouse or rat run past you in your home or place of work can be startling. Finding a single rodent might seem like an isolated event. However, more often than not, where there’s one often means there are many more hiding out of sight. Unfortunately, finding vermin in your home means nothing but bad news. They spread disease, steal food, and have the potential to introduce a plethora of structural issues to your building. For effective rodent removal in Clearwater, FL, look to our animal removal experts at Animal Eviction Services, LLC.

As few as a single pair of mating rodents can quickly turn into a building-wide infestation. In their search for food and a place to nest, they can chew through walls and cause serious structural damages. Don’t let rodents take your home over and destroy food and belongings. Our professionals help you take your home back with safe, humane rat removal. Using tried-and-true methods, we ensure your uninvited guests are removed peacefully and relocated away from your home or business.

Safely Mitigate an Infestation with Thorough Rat Removal

The key to effectively removing a nesting rodent population requires dedication, patience, and tactical strategy. Some companies rely on harsh poisons to clear out infestations, but this tends to be ineffective and often times, counterproductive. Rats are social creatures that can quickly learn of their fallen friends misfortunes. While poison can kill rats, it doesn’t offer a swift end. It takes some time for a poisoned rodent to be exterminated, giving them time to return to a hiding place before expiring.

Odors from a rotting corpse invite flies and other insects and compound your problem. Instead of using poisons, our rat removal experts employ more humane methods to effectively remove and exclude them. We close entry points and begin trapping the same day. Everything is sealed to ensure we get them all out. We do the full inspection FIRST, seal entry points and then set the traps. This allows us to detect and properly seal any rat-sized entryways, wherever they may be, to prevent future infestations.

Rat Control in Clearwater, FL

Preserve the Health of Your Occupants with Mouse Removal

A rodent infestation is not only annoying—it’s also a serious health hazard. Rodents often carry diseases and are hosts to a number of disease-carrying insects such as fleas and ticks. Attempting to handle an infestation without the proper protective gear and equipment could put you at risk of exposure. Avoid these risks with help from our mouse removal experts. Our team understands how to humanely dispose of trapped rats, saving you and your family from lingering dangers. Let us provide you with poison-free removal that helps you regain your comfort of living.

Contact us to rid your home of disease-carrying vermin including rats and mice. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde, and Dunedin, Florida.